Capturing changes to Priority Field



  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    If you are going to use the ticket changes dataset to track this, you would have to check that the ticket priority new value is urgent and that the timestamp of the update matches the timestamp that the ticket was created.

    I believe that would be better approach as it guards against tickets being set to an urgent priority at a later date.

    However, it may be far easier just to use a trigger to tag these tickets on creation and use that tag for reporting. That would seem a simpler and more flexible approach. You could then use that tag while searching in support or in Views.

    The trigger could be:

    Meet all the following conditions

    • Ticket is created
    • Current user is end user
    • Priority is urgent


    • Add tag priority_urgent_at_start_by_end_user


  • Bill Cicchetti

    I like the idea of the use of tags.



    Thanks Graeme!

  • Geoffrey Lisch

    Can an enhancement request be made to allow reporting on First ticket priority and Final ticket priority instead of adding more tags to each ticket?


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