Posting Public comment with all Ticket Fields filled


  • Nicole S. - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Dheeraj -

    Thank you for sharing your feedback, and welcome to the Zendesk Community!

    You could solve this by creating a trigger that doesn't allow the ticket to be solved if certain fields are left empty. More information about how to accomplish this can be found in this article:

    Can I make the "Required to submit a request" option applicable to agents?

  • dheeraj kaushik

    This doesn't help. The ticket moves to SOLVED state from PENDING state even if the fields are left empty.


    Secondly, my requirement is completely different. I want to restrict the posting of Public Comments on a ticket if the field is left blank.

  • Austin
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey there dheeraj! 

    You could also achieve this workflow using Conditional Ticket Fields where you can explicitly require certain ticket fields to be filled before the ticket can change to certain statuses, not just Solved. The only drawback with these field requirements is that they will also affect your agents' ability to add private/internal comments.

    Going off the assumption that an agent response would put the ticket in Pending status (since you're waiting to hear back from your end-user), you could make all your ticket fields required to be filled "when Pending" in order for the agent to post their public comment.  

    If you wanted to cover all the bases, you could require your ticket fields to be filled out for multiple statuses (Open, Pending, On-Hold, Solved), so no matter what status your agent tries to use when submitting their public comment, they won't be able to do so until your required fields have been filled.   


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