Notification when a specific organization logs a tickets


  • Amie B

    Hey Jay,

    You could look at using a trigger & extension combo to achieve this. There are a couple of steps involved to get this working. Check it out below. 

    1. For the Extension (target)

    1. Set a URL for the ticket like this:{{}}.json?ticket[comment][public]=false
    2. Method : PUT
    3. Attribute Name:  ticket[comment][body]
    4. For the authentication, you'll need to set up a separate automation licensed user, or use a current licensed agent. Whichever you use, that "user" will show up in the ticket as the agent commenting.

    2. For the Trigger:

    I've added a screenshot below of an example trigger. You would just need to set the right things in the two sections I've highlighted. 


    Hopefully, this will help with what you're trying to achieve here. :)



  • Geoff Hunter

    Hi is there a way that I can still use my account ill be paying for my upgrade on thursday?

  • Geoff Hunter

    It says my account is suspended can u help me out with this I can pay for my account on Thursday sorry vfor the incoivence 

  • Erika Camille Sundian
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Geoff,

    Sorry to see you've been running into issues here. Upon checking your account is currently in good standing unless I am looking into another account of yours. Let us know via private ticket the subdomain of the account you would like to upgrade so we can forward it to your account manager to assist you with those queries. :)

  • Jay McCormack

    Hi Amie,

    that looks interesting :) I'll dig into this to see if it will help me with what I want to do. Fingers crossed...!


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