Chat Tool outside of widget?


  • Elissa
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello James Green,

    Not a silly question at all! One very basic solution would be to use a pop-out window as described in this article: Can I create a direct link to a live chat pop-out window instead of using the widget? This way instead of chatting with you in the widget, your customers could click a "start a chat" button and it would open the chat in a whole new tab or window of its own.

    As you've already alluded to, another solution would be to create a mobile app. This would offer your mobile customers an alternative to chatting with you from the chat widget on your website in the mobile browser. See more about creating your own custom mobile app using the Chat SDK in this article and the references it connects you to: Which Zendesk SDK do I integrate in my app?

    I hope that helps!


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