Small visual Qol change I would like to see.


  • Leah
    Zendesk Voice of Customer Team

    Hi Jeremy, 

    Thanks for the feedback! I'd like to make sure I've got your full use case/business goals understand so that I can fully advocate for your problem to our product team. 

    Can you give a little bit more detail about your SLA workflow? Specifically, I'm curious about holding the SLA till the last 20 min. The more detail you can provide the better. 

    Thanks in advance! 

  • Jeremy Heath

    Hi Leah

    All I am really saying is show the same label on the view title as you get if you hover the mouse over the title.

    We work in business hours only so for me the number for the SLA 24hr for example will mean tomorrow at some point. (top image)

    If we had that extra detail on the views title then I can see at a glance that it will breach at 1.10pm.

    Atm the minute I have to hover on the title to find the exact time it will breach.

    I know you guys go for the cosmetic look but I would refer to see the actual time on my views.


    Does that make it any clearer?

    As to the SLA

    I posted a better explanation that no one replied to here.

    We are beginning to realize our SLA method might be a little old school.

    I am trying to find someone that can explain how to price a method for support with the time element removed from the user.

    The current method we have applies the SLA to the company but if they are a basic SLA we cannot answer the ticket quickly because they don't pay for it quickly, if that makes sense.


    What I am trying to do is change the bosses viewpoint and do support, so we can answer a ticket when it comes in.

    But to do that we have to show them a method to price support differently, so I can remove the time constraint from the desk and give the ticket the SLA not the company

    If you know anyone that could advise methods still keeping within your nda's then that would be helpfull.


    Once we know how to configure it then we can do the rest


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