Disable emails to end-users/customers?



  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Jessica Ortega,

    Without seeing the setup of your particular account, you can most likely do one of several things.  If you don't already know which trigger is misfiring, find one of the answering service tickets that sent an email to the customer.  Look at the Events by clicking on "Conversations" and switch it to "Events".

    You should see which trigger you need after the first comment on the ticket

    You can edit the trigger from there by taking out the revisions part of the URL and just hit enter

    Now. If your Answering Service tickets are generating private comments and no public comments on their tickets, you can modify your trigger to only fire if a comment is on the ticket that the end user can see:

    If the answering service tickets make a public comment AND they're the only tickets created via API, you can use this option instead (exclude API tickets from the trigger)

    If they are not the only tickets created via API, you can get creative by looking at the patterns in the tickets they create. I'd imagine the subject lines always have a certain unique text string in them so you can use this:


    Thanks for your question. I hope this is helpful!




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