Metrics on Community/Gather


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing your feedback, Teo!

    If other users have community/Gather metrics, data points, KPIs, etc. that you'd like our product team to be aware of as they're putting together these datasets for Explore, please share in the comments below.

    If you're able, adding the detail of why you want each metric can be really informative for the product team as well.

  • Bart

    Agreed with Teo, 

    Slicing / filtering / decomposing data by end user / email / custom fields on those who vote / subscribed etc. 

  • Amal Hechehouche

    Agreed with the above comments, we are trying to learn more about how our end users are leveraging the community: 

    • total community posts
    • total community post comments
    • total community post views
    • total community posts with official answer
    • unique contributors

    cc: Carrie Boron Fano Endor



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