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  • Thomas Verschoren
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    There are two approaches you can take:


    1. If your users have an external id set, you can import a CSV with the new email addresses and make sure that the external ID for every user matches.
    2. If you import and select UPDATE users it will add a second email address.
      As noted above, when doing a bulk import, you can select the Update existing users option, which allows you to update the user profile data of users that you've already added to Support. Be aware, however, that some of the data is replaced and some of the data is just appended to the existing data.


    The second method requires using the API. This is the best way since it offers a lot of granularity.

    The flow would be:

    1. Do a search for all users containing 
    2. query=type:user ""
    3. Do a loop on the results, and grab the ID of every user.
    4. Run an update for each user and add an email and verified email for every user with the new domain
      Specifying email and verified attributes so that the email is added to the domain
      If both email and verified attributes are provided, the provided email is added to the user as a secondary email with the verified property set to the specified value. The primary email remains unmodified
    5. Now every user has two email addresses, both an old and a new.
    6. If you change SSO it will match the new address and that will automatically become the primary address.

    If the last is a bit too complicated you can also reach out to a Zendesk Partner such as the one I work forv ( to do this for you as consultancy.


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