Select all feature bug in attribute filters


  • Hillary Latham
    Community Moderator

    interesting - thanks for sharing (so I can keep an eye out).  However, know that you don't actually have to select all to have the values included.  If you want all values included, you can just leave it blank (or omit the filter).  All values are included by default - you don't have to actually select all values.

    This does still look like a bug if you are trying to filter the results with a search and then selecting all of the filtered results.  I would submit a ticket or chat or share this in the feedback channel:

  • Vladimir Petrushenka

    great, thanks Hillary 

    Have submitted this via faadback channel 

  • Craig Obee

    this is affecting us in a similar way. i excluded some ORG's and then removed the filter but it now won't repopulate all ORG's even with no filters on at all.

    If adding the filter back on you can see it's still active and remembers the last selection. i cannot find certain ORGs until i search for them but i cannot manually tick thousands of rogs again so going to have to start from scratch.


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