Directly access tickets from Guide?


  • JDeL

    I'm still looking for other ways to accomplish this, like have a section name that's a hyperlink, but so far I haven't found another solution.  I did find something workable here -

    Basically, I made this small change in header.hbs

    <nav class="user-nav" id="user-nav">
    <a href="" target="_blank">My cases</a>
    {{link 'community'}}
    {{link 'new_request' class='submit-a-request'}}

  • Alejandro Colon

    My org went the same route as you did with adding the link to the nav bar. 

    <nav class="user-nav" id="user-nav">
    {{!--{{link 'community'}}--}}
    <a href="/requests">View My Requests</a>
    {{link 'new_request' class='submit-a-request'}}


    "Community" is commented out as we do not have it turned on at the moment.

    We have a public Guide and it has made a difference to have the link in the nav bar as it leads users that are not logged in to actually login and view their tickets. 


    Can you take a screenshot and notate where you would like to add the link?


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