How can I add more space between Community title, author, follow button, voting buttons and the badges?


  • Kyle B
    Community Moderator

    My suggestions would be to add some line breaks between where you want to add space. I like using these half-line breaks:

    <hr style="height:1px;visibility:hidden">

    To show you how this changes the look: Here is my default code (probably similar to what you have):


    which gives me something that looks like this:


    Now, I add a few lines of those spaces I listed above. My code now looks like this (spaces highlighted in yellow):


    Which gives me something that looks like this:


    So just add that line break wherever you want to add some space. You may have to play around with it if you're not familiar with the code side of things. Hope this helps!

  • Simon Blouner

    Hey Melody Quinn

    A different option than what Kyle is suggesting would be to add some CSS to your theme, adding some padding or margin in whatever direction you want.

    This is a simple task for someone familiar with CSS, so if you got anyone with CSS skills, you can sit down with them and tell them you need som Padding or Margin between your elements.

    When the changes is located, and if you have access to change the CSS/Styling of your Guide Theme, you can go to the CSS file and add the changes.



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