Best way to include mobile steps in articles


  • Jim Davenport

    Hey Hannah Voice,

    One possible solution would be to structure the content the way that you want it to appear in the Web Widget and use JavaScript in the actual Help Center to transform the content into interactive tabs.

    I'm guessing, based on your screenshots, that when you create your tabs you have to paste HTML into your article body, right?  Ideally your content should be just content and not littered with random tab-related HTML.

    Our custom Zendesk tabs and toggle plugins work operate on this principle.  A content creator simply adds list items with the content (each list item representing a tab) and applies a few invisible data attributes that tell the plugin how to present the tabs.

    This allows you to separate the raw content itself (as seen in the Web Widget) from any fancy layouts that are applied after page load via JavaScript.  Each of your sections (Desktop, iOS and Android) could then be separated using standard headings or whatever looks best in the widget. 

    Changing the way that your tabs functionality works on the frontend would allow you to have all of your information in a single article for both browser and Web Widget consumption, while offering a streamlined tab-based experience for web browser visitors.

    Just my initial thoughts.  Let me know if that makes sense :)


    Zenplates - Custom themes and plugins for Zendesk


  • Hannah Voice

    Hi Jim Davenport

    Thanks so much for your detailed reply! I think in this case, our articles would end up being extremely long in the widget, which probably won't be a great experience for users viewing them there. So, I'm leaning more towards having them in separate articles. However, the plugins you shared look really neat and I'm keen to explore them more. I'll take a better look and let you know if I have any questions.

    Appreciate your time. 😊


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