Ticket form to end user for all plan


  • Amie B

    Hey Dan,

    It sounds like you may have stumbled upon a little confusion here around ticket forms. By default, 1 basic ticket form (with as many custom fields as you need) is available on all Zendesk accounts, regardless of your plan subscription level, for customers to display/use with your end-users. 

    You can purchase the Guide Lite plan (which is free), once that's active, you'll then be able to get the direct ticket form link from your Guide platform and simply send it to your customers so they can fill in the form and a ticket will be submitted to your Zendesk from there. 

    These are all standard features which come with every Zendesk account.

    There is a couple of gotcha's though in case you are looking for more functionality with ticket forms. I've listed then below for you, you would need to upgrade your plan or purchase the add-on pack if you require the below features. 

    - If you require more then 1 ticket form, you do need to be on the Enterprise plan or purchase the add-on Productivity pack which includes multiple ticket forms on the Professional plan. 

    - The ticket field conditionality feature is only available on the Enterprise plan or included if you purchase the add-on pack for the professional plan. 

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions on this. Always happy to help. :)




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