Auto closing trigger for all e-mails in an organization



  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator

    Hi Bernd! Within a Zendesk Organization, you can actually opt for automatically adding end-users to organizations based on their email domain. Simply specify the specific email domain you'd like to use in the Domains field on the Organization record.

    Once you've specified the domain on the Organization-level, new end users will automatically be added to this organization upon creation. For any existing end users that were created before you created this Zendesk Organization, they must have a verified email address in order to be added to this Zendesk Organization automatically. Otherwise, you would need to add them to this Organization manually.

    The only thing I'd warn about implementing this type of solution is whether you truly want all tickets submitted by this organization to be closed, especially since it's a fairly permanent status (more info between the solved vs closed status here). When I auto-solve tickets via triggers, they are usually for pretty specific tickets. This helps ensure that I'm not accidentally solving tickets from an Organization that truly need to be looked at by our Support team.

    For example, my auto-solve triggers look something like this:

    Meet ALL of the following conditions
    Organization IS "Company A"
    Ticket is Created

    Meet ANY of the following conditions
    Subject Text contains the following string "example 1"
    Subject Text contains the following string "example 2"
    Subject Text contains the following string "example 2"

    Status Solved

    Hope that helps! 


  • Bernd Hagemann

    Hi Chandra,

    thanks. I think that helps very much.

    Best regards Bernd


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