Custom Report in Zendesk Sell


  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Elena,

    Thanks for reaching out! I have included Sell's reporting options below:

    (1) Smart Lists: In your Leads, Contacts, and Deals section you can customize Smart List reports. Add standard and custom fields, filter those fields, and even export that report to manipulate in other applications. 

    (2) Standard Reports: Please see the list of Sell's standard reports (that cannot be customized but can be filtered) in the Report section of your account: About reporting in Sell

    (3) Performance Dashboard: Customize your Sell Performance Dashboard by adding relevant widgets and customizing your home page: Using the Performance Dashboard

    Lastly, you can import data into custom fields via the Sell importer or API. This information can then be added to Smart Lists by adding columns of custom fields. 

    I hope this helps answer your question! 



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