Tagging Advice - Symptom vs Issue


  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Allegra Levy,

    You've embarked upon a business decision that many companies face - on any system!  I've seen this go a couple of ways -- and basically it all boils down to the "why do I need it" and "am I going to report on it".

    I would suggest you separate symptoms and core issue. I'd maybe suggest adopting using the terminology symptoms and root cause.  With that in mind, I would definitely track them separately.  The reason for this is you can get some valuable information around which symptoms point to which root cause.

    That said, I'd also recommend you put in the custom fields as soon as possible -- at least one of them if not both. I'd make the symptoms field a dropdown multiselect. I'd make the root cause free text for now until you know what the patterns are.

    I wonder if then it would be helpful to create a view for each symptom and surface the root cause field on that field so people can search by symptom!




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