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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Sreeni,

    I hope you can hang in there with me - I have something similar in place that might be a good starting point for you....  We had a need to automatically CC a specific email for each Organization's tickets.  With a tweak, I think you can use this process:

    What we did was create a custom field called "CC User on All Organization Requests" with field key cc_user_on_all_organization_requests <very long name and field key, I suggest you shorten this but not required.

    Then we populated that field on each Organization that had this requirement with their preferred email.

    Then we created a URL target that puts that email in the CC field of those tickets.

    From then on, all we had to do was populate the CC User on All Organization Requests field. If nothing was there, it doesn't fire off.

    Hope this helps! 


    Organization Field

    Email populated on Organization:


    Screenshot of Target:





  • Sreeni

    Thank you So much, Heather

    I have followed as explained in your article.It is adding the user in CC.


    I am adding an action in the "Notify agent and requestor" trigger including Notify target. But I don't see email going to my external email.


    Could you please suggest the correct trigger?


    Thanks in Advance,

    Sreeni Pavalla

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Sreeni,

    Can you provide a screenshot of the trigger you've set up? Also, can you confirm this external email wasn't delivered to your spam folder for some reason? I also recommend checking the Ticket Events to see if the external email was sent or the trigger fired correctly.

    Keep us posted!


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