Add Mobile or Phone number in Column Filters for Views


  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    Hi Team Quicko,

    The problem you're having would be best described as
    not being able to show requesters profile fields in a view.

    Indeed that isn't possible. And I agree that it would be good if it's in there.

    But I do want to explain, even though this is what you'd like to avoid, how your alternative solution would work (for other users) at least for the time being.

    1. Create a custom field of the type text and call it Phone number.
      Note the Ticket Field ID, you'll need it in step 3.

    2. Create an HTTP Target which https://<zendesksubdomain>{{}}
      Use a PUT request and add an API token. Content-type JSON. Don't forget to replace the Zendesk Subdomain with your actual subdomain.

    3. Then create a trigger 
      [ ticket ] [ is ] [ created ]
      [ phone number ] [ is not ] [ present ]

      Under action select Notify target, and select the target that you've just created.
      Replace the ID from the code below with your actual Ticket Field ID.
      "ticket": {
      "custom_fields": [
      { "id": <enter ticket field ID here>, "value": "{{}}" }
    4. Save the trigger

    5. Voila, we've added a ticket field, which you can use in your columns in a view. And filled it with the requester's phone number



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