Converting a View in Support to a Dashboard in Explore


  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    Hi Joost 👋

    You should be able to use that API call perfectly well.

    So if you have a server which allows for a cron job, you'll want to set that up and point it to a script which makes the specific API call and then email the file to the user. It's technically possible to send it via a target email in Zendesk, but requires significant development. I reckon it's much more convenient if you use your own email service.

    The other solution you shared is possible too. You'll have to create the query once, and should then be able to add it to a Dashboard in Explore, which you can then schedule. This solution heavily depends on who the dashboard is need to be sent to (end-user or agent). And whether or not your columns are available in Zendesk Explore.

    Which brings me to a question of my own. What is the main reason you are trying to email an overview of tickets to a user?


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