How limit the number of times captcha appears


  • Karen Snyder
    Community Moderator


    Is the staff member logged in to Zendesk? Captcha is usually presented to users who are logged in. According to this article, Zendesk switched recently to using Cloudflare captcha, which should cut down on the number of captcha's being presented. This other article mentions checking your IP address reputation. This might also help you resolve the problem.

  • 谷口諭

    Hi Karen. Thanks for your support and guidance.

    The staff is logged in, but I'm not certain of the timing of the staff logging-in and the timing of the captcha appearing.

    I'll look in to IP address. We are located in a co-working space, so it maybe flagged due to the activity of some other co-working member. 

    Thanks for the information!


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