ZD chat trigger based on visitor path


  • Simon Blouner

    Hey @Alexander G 

    I as well cannot see a way to do this with the native Chat options in triggers.

    Maybe someone else will come by and give you the solution, but here is also a workaround that should be possible, at least in my head it is - I haven't actually done it before though:

    1. Locate the URL's required to trigger the chat, and set unique cookies for each of the URLs. You can do session-based cookies if you only want to engage with users who have met the URL's requirements in one session.

    2. Write a condition-based script, checking for all your cookies - and once met, setup your chat trigger to locate the specific URL/Title/Whatever unique identifier possible, to initiate the chat with the end-user.

    The above is a very loose suggestion, and you might want an experienced web developer to handle this - but none the less, it should be possible - maybe also in other ways.


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