Metric Help: 3 Questions


  • Hillary Latham
    Community Moderator

    Hey Alex,

    Here are some thoughts:

    (1) Check out the function reference for date:  I'm not sure if you can do something like Today() - 1 or something to get yesterday.

    (2) The same article has a section about operators - you can use the "not euqals" option.

    (3) If you want to sum results in a new column, you can do that with Result Metric Calculations:  If you want to do this in your metric, you'd have to figure out how to calculate all three metrics in one metric - you can't reference columns in your query in a metric.  You can reference other metrics, but it might not filter how you are in your query, so you'd have to build a metric that brought the three together.  

  • Alex Aguilar

    Hi Hillary,

    1. I reviewed that previously, but did not see an references for "yesterday." I also tried to subtract 1, but it did not work. I'm not sure if there's a different way or certain format so that why I was reaching out with question 1.


    2. I did, but the issue was that I was getting multiple entries for a single ID. So I'm wondering if that's due to a ticket getting updated under multiple channels. If so, D_COUNT would be the way to go there then so I only count an ID once regardless of channel it came in.


    3. I wouldn't use the results metric calculations as I don't have those metrics in the query.

    Maybe I can help explain it better. The Ticket contains all 3 fields. Sometimes all three fields are filled out, other times it's only A or only B and C. For this metric if Field A is present, I want use that number otherwise, I want to use Field B and Field C. I want the metric to decide which number it should use and appear in the SUM column up top. 


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