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  • Devan - Community Manager
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    To solve the problem of replying and managing offline conversations, you should really look into using Zendesk with Chat integration.

    Once the accounts are connected, missed and offline messages are created as tickets, and you can control the customer conversation there.

    You can learn more about the integration here. We have no immediate plans of adding better offline message handling inside of Chat standalone.

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    sorry you didn't answer my question, i need to send an answer to the customer and I tried to add a replay to the offline ticket in support but it didn't send to the customer even in the chat widget or to his e-mail 

    so what's the exact method to send him a reply while my agent is offline ?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey AFAQ,

    If you have Chat also generating tickets in your Support account, you should be able to reply directly within the ticket. If you don't have Chat integrated with Support, you'd need to just send a separate email to the chat visitor on your email providers side.

    Assuming the visitor shares their email address either through the pre-chat form or if the agent requests the users email, they would just need to follow-up manually outside the Chat instance.

    Finally, if you go to your Chat history tab, you can create a ticket directly from there for the visitor and reply back within Support.

    I hope this helps!


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