Mark rows in Explore by agent's when viewing the dashboard


  • Stephen Belleau

    I'm curious about your use case Marta Jacuk-Zurak. If your goal is to show tickets that need manual intervention, wouldn't it be better to use a ticket view rather than Explore? Can your ticket view use the same conditions that you are filtering on? How are you identifying these?

  • Hillary Latham
    Community Moderator

    Hey Marta Jacuk-Zurak, another option for you might be conditional formatting of results.  This article shows some options (I'm thinking what's at the bottom of the article could be of use to you.):

  • Marta Jacuk-Zurak

    Hello Stephen Belleau and @...,

    The tickets where my manual intervention is needed are filtered using a Custom Attribute.

    Let e describe the agent's work and ticket flow

    1. Agents open a Dashboard, where are tickets with the high payments to be done

    2. Each payment need to be approved by this agent

    3. Agent is approving or rejecting them via Macro, the macro is adding an internal note and the special tag (that ticket has been approved or rejected)


    The Dashboard has two custom attribute added to the filter and one added as 'row' and two custom metrics:


    1. Showing If the payment is set up on the ticket - there are a couple of conditions (we have a couple of payment options, so all is in one attribute)

    2. Showing tickets that don't have a tag with high payment is approved (the macro that is applied by the agent)


    3. Showing the tickets that the high payment threshold has been exceeded - that information is based on the number of claimants and the amount of the payment. If there is 1 claimant, then the high payment threshold is lower than when a group of people is claiming under one ticket.



    Both metrics are very similar. Our payments are done in different currencies, so my metric is showing the converted payments to EUR - so we can compare to the threshold of high/low payment. It is not summed up, cause I break it down by Ticket ID (which is a link).


    So it is not really something I can build as a View

    The conditional formatting cannot be done, cause at first the ticket should get the information if the ticket has been already approved or not. Or there @..., you have another idea for this?


    Thank you

  • Hillary Latham
    Community Moderator

    I get it.  You want a worklist.  Because explore has a refresh rate of 1 hour, I don't think you can get this in Explore right now, so I understand your feature request now. 

    My only other thought right now is the view idea in Support.  Have you reached out on the Support Q&A community boards to see if anyone else has come up with a working list workflow?  For example, can you have a view where you capture these tickets to be worked, and when your agent adds that macro to approve or reject, that macro also adds a tag - if the tag exists, the ticket is removed from the view.  Just build the presence of the tag into your view.  Sort of simulate a worklist.

  • Marta Jacuk-Zurak

    Hi @...,

    I could make many Views in the Support, but it will be too messy. We have a few payment options and each one would need to have a separate View and each needed to be split per currency. The currencies are changing every day, so my Views would also need to be updated with the current rates. It is not something that I could build once and use, unfortunately.

    I have 4 payment options and 8 currencies. With that, I would need to have 32 Views. That is not an improvement of the agents work :(



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