Solved vs Closed


  • Danila Slezko

    it's only my opinion:

    Closed Status - this is a ticket that can't be re-open, and we can say that the support team already can forget about the ticket totally - ticket totally solved. We can delete/archived these tickets or forget and don't do anything - of course, it from case to case.

    Solved status - it's a ticket that was already done/solved but exists the possibility the user could reopen this ticket after some time, and the support team should start work with this ticket again.

    Most of all, users don't want to confirm that the ticket is totally resolved and have status close. Most of all, users important to get the answer to their request. Users don't think about some confirmation when they got the necessary information.

    Suppose you want to get confirmation from the user. Just ask the user - "do you have some other question" "could I close the current ticket. " 
    The user confirms>solved ticket> trigger..>closed ticket.
    User did answer>trigger...>solved ticket>trigger...>closed ticket.

    and so on. 

    The close status allows us to separate actual tickets from not actual tickets(totally resolved, spam, not valid tickets, and so on). It could be important in the Zendesk Explore module (reports) and the zendesk tickets archivation process.


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