Cross filtering within Smart Lists


  • Marie Laurenza
    Zendesk team member

    Thanks for submitting this request to the public forum John! 

    I look forward to seeing how many others upvote your request and tracking it with the hopes that we can build this functionality into the product roadmap.


  • Jean-Sébastien Catier

    One other use case : filtering deals or persons based on the mother companies (not the companies they are attached to).

  • Walter Renkema

    +1! I am also really missing a way to get a smartlist of my existing customers and then pull in the field "total won deals" so that I can make a tiering based on account spend. Especially in MRR based business this is a crucial KPI. Currently this is not possible because this information doesn't "live" in the company section, but lives in the deal section of Sell and is only shown in a widget on the company card. It should be possible to easily push this information to the company card.


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