Cross filtering within Smart Lists


  • Marie Laurenza
    Zendesk team member

    Thanks for submitting this request to the public forum John! 

    I look forward to seeing how many others upvote your request and tracking it with the hopes that we can build this functionality into the product roadmap.


  • Jean-Sébastien Catier

    One other use case : filtering deals or persons based on the mother companies (not the companies they are attached to).

  • Walter Renkema

    +1! I am also really missing a way to get a smartlist of my existing customers and then pull in the field "total won deals" so that I can make a tiering based on account spend. Especially in MRR based business this is a crucial KPI. Currently this is not possible because this information doesn't "live" in the company section, but lives in the deal section of Sell and is only shown in a widget on the company card. It should be possible to easily push this information to the company card.

  • Paul Garcia

    Since there are so few ways to build custom reports inside Sell, my options are either to export and go through machinations to find data (not something I want sales reps to attempt), or rely on smart lists and standard reports. Smart lists allowing builds based on other objects is key because of the narrow types of history available to record things about contacts/leads. Tagging gets out of hand quickly when every action (form fill, brochure download, etc.) gets put into a collection of tags in the lead card. Notes have their own tags, which is where I'd prefer to put this type of information, but I still can't generate a report of all the leads who downloaded a specific whitepaper by filling out a form if the details are trapped inside the notes text. The filter based on notes tags helps while in a single lead, but not when I want a smart list or report. Please expand what smart lists can "see" and use. Thanks.


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