Knowledge Capture - Flagged Article Feature isn´t helpful for Multilanguage Articles


  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Tobias Hermanns,

    Thanks for the comments. I think this has to do more generally with flagging rather than specifically getting the flag routed to the Owner, correct? 

    If you flag a German translation, the flagged ticket should quote the section of the German translation that was commented upon (presumably in German) and the comment that was provided. The link however as you point out points to the default translation. I'll see if we can work on that. 

    One question to clarify your comment, are you saying you provide English content in multiple locales? Say en-us, en-ca, en-uk and you're having trouble identifying the differences between them in the flag then? Just trying to make sure I capture the entire request.


  • Tobias Hermanns

    Hi Ryan,


    I´m very surprised, first of all, that PM is reading stuff here and reacting on Guide. Have made different feeling for other Feedback Forum. Great to see this!

    You are on the right track, this is may not directly related to "Assign to Owner" after Flagged, this is more nice 2 have routing feature which is working fine.

    But due to this feature is in now, I enabled it and I tried it.

    I searched as Agent in Knowledge Capture App Language German and this Article have kind of Translation Issues I flagged this and the Ticket was created by the Owner = OK.

    The Owner see ticket and in ticket the German Translation is show up with issue = OK

    The Edit Button now redirect to en-uk (this is only english we have enabled)

    Now the point:

    We have few Agents creating English article, then with a Custom APP to Google, we translate this article to 18 languages automatically and Agents review that afterwards. 

    That means our "Owner" for all languages is always the Owner, who write it in English, not the manual check Agent in other office.

    This means, I will receive the ticket "Czech Flagged" and I don´t know:

    - Is it Czech?

    - Is it Russia?

    - Is it Slovakia?

    As native German, i need now Copy Text from the ticket, go to Google Translate, detect language, change language in Guide and Edit the mistake.

    And this is my problem right now for that feature.

    So three options can help:

    a) Owner for every translation

    b) Edit Button go to the language, where it was flagged from the language dropdown of KC APP

    c) Creation show at least a label "DE" "EN" ES"... whatever to may know it from Ticket Creation


    I hope use case and full round view scenario is more clear now, let me know if any questions.









  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Tobias,

    Thanks for the feedback, we've just deployed a change so the Edit article link will now go to the specific transation that was flagged. So that should help with item b in your list.

    In your use case, if you're the Owner of an article that you wrote in English and the German translation is flagged, would you know who to direct the flag to? Or perhaps a German Language review Group could be set up for example and the ticket could get reassigned to that group?


  • Tobias Hermanns

    Hi Ryan,


    thanks to let me know. I just test it and I can verify that the feature is enhanced in this direction.

    The overall use-case is still a bit tricky for me to think about good config flow.

    Right now it´s like that:

    Team Germany write KB in English
    Zendesk Admin Team need guarantee that this KB will be translate within 18 languages
    Different People based on Language need review / fix issues

    At this point we talking about generic flow, what we do for now:

    Team Germany (me) write Article in English
    I use Custom App to Translate Article in 18 languages help by Google
    Now I have 18 Translation Versions with Issues need manual check
    All Guide Agents have a view with Label (Added by Custom App) to verify, which Article they need review in their native language.
    So far, they:

    a) didn´t get a notification for that
    b) need login Guide Admin Module
    c) usually these list are too long

    This bottleneck I try to enable the new feature you provide now:

    Agent check Article in local language before send out
    Mistakes go to owner - in this case me, but I still can´t fix Russian
    So I know Russian Agent and I assign to him from Guide Module for Review, this will trigger an Mail.

    Optimization Ideas:

    - Flagged Translation will crease Ticket per Language (18 Tickets) and every Team / Group can review the comment (which can be English, in their local language)

    - Owner only get it assign, but can re-assign Ticket easy

    - Translation get assign to a "Reviewer" not "Owner" so duplicate the setting

    - Owner per Article (same as Reviewer per Article)

    We also may can build flows based on Trigger i.e. if Flagged by KC APP Trigger is in and language is Russia, add Flag "Russia Review Need" to article, when article publish again in this locale, the tag removed.

    This is just brainstorming in my head for now, but this I think Multilingual Review with "Assign" is not workable, so few more flows may need come in.

    What do you think? Any idea / workflow you can recommand?







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