Migrating Explore Data to Redshift and Looker


  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator

    While I can't speak to Redshift specifically, we do pipe in Zendesk data into Looker. 

    For queries such as reporting on overall ticket volume, it's pretty straight-forward. For instance, I have a few dashboards to help non-Zendesk users get insight into the # of support tickets, broken out by specific categories that we're tracking via ticket tags. Looker users can also use these dashboards to see the very first comment on the ticket and click out to view the actual ticket in Zendesk. On this Looker dashboard specifically, they can also drill into the specific tickets they'd like to see (i.e. specific features, organizations, etc).

    Aside from that though, I've found it to be a bit more challenging to manipulate the data in the exact way I want to. It's also a bit of upkeep since I have to code certain things in LookML that Explore just allows me to filter for out-of-the-box. I also haven't found a way to report on tickets that do not contain a specific ticket tag (similar to the NOT_INCLUDES_ANY Explore logic) which is a real bummer for us.  

    To be honest though, once Zendesk Explore launched the ability to share Explore dashboards outside of Zendesk, this really changed the game for us. It's only available on Explore Enterprise right now, but mentioning it in case that's you primary use case for getting this data into Looker: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051444694.

    We'll still use Zendesk reporting in Looker for some things, but have recently started relying on it a bit less for those reasons. Hope that helps as you continue exploring Looker more!

  • Matt

    Thanks Chandra!


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