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  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator

    Hi Oscar!

    Both the First Response & Next Response SLA targets will be based on the time in between when the end user writes into Support and when a public response goes out by an agent. For this reason, I'm afraid there isn't an SLA target that would start the clock based on when the ticket was assigned to a specific team.

    One workaround you could consider would be to set the response time targets for your primary operations team SLA to be 2 hours and the response time targets for your secondary dev support team SLA to be 6 hours.

    That way, once your primary operations team reassigns a ticket to your secondary dev support team, your secondary dev support team will have at least 4 hours to get a response out.

    Of course this would mean that they could have up to 6 hours to respond to a ticket should your primary operations team reassign the ticket within just a few minutes of the ticket being created, but this might be the best option at this time.

  • Oscar Granda

    Thanks, Chandra! That makes sense, we will try your recommendation. 





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