Can i stop making tickets for emails sent from a certian type of email adress



  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator

    Hi Marcus! To prevent the ticket received notification from sending out for this specific email address, you'll want to add some logic to your "Notify requester of received request" trigger to exclude these emails.

    One way you could achieve this would be to locate the payment processor's User record in Zendesk and then add a user tag. That way, when a new ticket comes in from this specific Requester, Zendesk will automatically add that tag:


    Once that's been done, you can add a Tags contains none of the following condition to your "Notify requester of received request" trigger and specify the same user tag you just added to the payment processor's User record. That will help prevent this notification from going out to this user in the future. Hope that helps!


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