How to create custom metrics of tickets resolved by agent or ticket group


  • Violeta Micu
    Community Moderator

    Hi Felix,

    Can you share your workflow/process in order to understand why you want to check the Solved Tickets by looking at Assignee's email as well and not only at Group? I am using group name or group id when i want to see how many tickets have been solved by our 1st level team. In my case the group i search for is the last assigned on the ticket.




  • Hillary Latham
    Community Moderator

    Do you need to put the field again in your calculation after the OR in your second example?  Explore is accepting your calculation as valid, but maybe it's not really processing the second half of the OR statement as you expect?

    IF (
    [Assignee email]=""
    OR [Assignee email]=""
    THEN [Ticket ID]


  • Felix Nunez

    Thank you all for your kind responses. Hilary, you were right, I tried your recommendation and it's returning the correct data. Thank you again.


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