How to change the default spacing in Guide?



  • Dylan Buckley

    Maybe a bit late, but in your article_page.hbs you could add a class around the {{article_body}} helper to target it:

    <div class="article_body">




    And then in your style.css file, you could add this:

    .article_body p {

    line-height: 2rem;


    or whatever line-height value will increase the spacing to your liking.


    If you're talking about spacing between paragraphs and the like, change line-height to padding:

    .article_body p {

    padding: 24px 0;



    It would likely require some tweaking of course. You'd possibly have to add in additional tags based on other content you use (lists, headers, etc), but its a start.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing your solution, Dylan!


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