Showing Articles without any views (i.e. "0" views)


  • Raphaële Lamaze

    This is something that would be useful for us too. The use case is: reviewing articles with no views to determine if they need an update, if content needs to be tweaked to be picked up by search, or if it needs to be archived.

  • Amy Gracer
    Community Moderator

    This functionality is in Guide Enterprise as content cues for "Articles to Archive" 

  • Ryan Boyer

    Thanks for the extra info, Amy Gracer! I think that even though the information is found in Content Cues, I would like to be able to access a "0" value of pageviews in Explore.

    The criteria for the Articles to Archive Content Cues are the following:

    • Up to 30 articles with no views in the last 60 days
    • Up to 30 articles with a Work in Progress status, with no updates in the last 90 days

    In our instance, we want to set different parameters, like the ones I mention above: no pageviews in past 6 months, last year, etc. Also, we would like to compare this data side by side with other engagement numbers, such as the number of times the article is linked in Knowledge Capture. Even though the article does not have any pageviews, support agents may be using it to link to tickets, meaning that it should not be archived.

  • Chandra M

    We also need this functionality. We have been using a custom app that was created by a third party to export our KB data and identify articles that haven't been viewed within the last 6 months to year. 


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