Managing Partners


  • Amie B

    Hey Jay,

    Sounds like using a Shared Organization in Zendesk might be the way to go here. 

    Basically, the org would need to contain the customers and the partner. On the partners user profile, you can set their ticket access to "View all tickets in org". This gives them the ability to 1. login to the portal on your HC to see all the tickets which have been logged by customers in their org and 2. negate the need for you to CC the partner in on every ticket. 

    You can check out more info on this here. Screenshot from the link I've provided. Note the highlighted section below as this is what you'll want to set up here. 

    Hopefully, this helps you from here with this. :)



  • MineralTree | Support

    Thanks Amie! Let me take a look at this to see how it fits


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