How to make an auto increment number in Deals?


  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Donald Cornel,

    Thanks for reaching out! 

    There is currently not a default field that counts each deal entered into your account and auto-increments the custom field. Please feel free to post this feedback in our Sell Community Feedback section so other users can upvote your post and our Product Team can review your feedback :) 

    In the meantime, please keep in mind some of the following points below: 

    1. You can always create a deal custom field and allow users to enter a specific number in the field that corresponds to each deal. Or you can restrict this field to admin only if you want to be the only one who assigns each deal a number. 
    2. The added on field is automatically populated with the date and time that deals have been entered into your account. Add that column to your smart list report and filter from newest to oldest to see your most recent deals that have been added to your account. 
    3. Keep in mind that each deal has a unique ID assigned to it automatically. I'm afraid the deal ID is randomized and does apply to deals in the order in which they were added to the account. However, this field is a great way to uniquely identify each field! 

    Lastly, you can always explore third party integration options via our API and Marketplace. I hope this helps! 

  • Donald Cornel

    Hi Katie Dougherty,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Having this unique ID will it be possible to copy the value is a custom field so that it will be more visible to users and can be captured thru the smart list?

  • Nikita Zdanov

    Hi Donald Cornel,

    I'm a colleague of Katie's at Zendesk.

    Can you also please share why your Users will need to reference this unique ID in a Smart List? This will allow us to provide better guidance for you.

    However, to answer your question - yes you can copy/paste Sell's unique ID into a Custom Field. You can find the unique ID either by exporting the Deal or by clicking on the deal and looking at the URL. The unique ID is always at the end of the URL:

    The unique ID here is 88261600.


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