Conditional Forms based on Tags / Organisations


  • Graham Robson

    Hi Stephen,

    I believe that Zendesk Forms/Conditional Fields only supports ticket fields and not organization field/tags.

    However, our Formset App for Zendesk does. It supports directly Organization names and organization fields. The latter is perhaps more flexible, allowing non-admins to maintain the data configuration.

    Formset has a sister app called Systemset that may also be of interest. One of this apps capabilities is to support what we call End-user Views. In native Zendesk Guide (Activities), you get a fixed number of basic column fields shown in list views.

    Linking this to your use case, if you had a form that is specific to a customer/customer type, you may want to be able to display back to the requester the ticket fields that relate to them.

    Ping us a ticket to if you'd like to explore how these Cloudset Apps can help you.

    These paid apps are available from the Zendesk App Marketplace on a 30 day FREE trial.

    Thanks,  Graham (Cloudset)




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