Reassign a previously sync'd organization that was deleted in SalesForce to a different SalesForce account


  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk Team Member

    HeyO Craig Bailey

    Sorry to hear about the tangle you're facing. I'm not sure I follow the statement "previously sync'd zD organizations that were merged into a new SF account". If accounts were merged, I believe the organization linkage should flow to the "winner" of that merge action (but I'd have to do some testing). There are only two ways of which I'm aware to break that link:

    • delete one of the records (either the organization or the account) - this could be problematic if deleting on the ZD side as you mentioned b/c of closed tickets (as you mention).
    • I believe our developers have the ability to clear out these sync linkages for your account, although I'm not sure if this would clear all such links, or if this could be done in a more targeted fashion. 

    I'm to create a ticket for you to explore the developer-link-clearing angle more privately.


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