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  • Jakub Tutaj
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi, can you tell us more on your use case? Currently goals can be set per sales person. As long as each sales person works within a single pipeline, sum of all sales people working on such pipeline would make "a goal for a given pipeline". Does your team have people working across multiple sales pipelines, or are there other dynamics in place? 

  • Jakub Tutaj


    The point is that we have different conveyors. One for software and one for hardware. Prices fluctuate a lot. We need a goal functional for each pipeline. We want to create different goals for each pipeline for each manager and then see the percentage of completion for each pipeline.

  • Jakub Tutaj
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks Maxym, I see. Would sth like below work for now?


    • Manager A, managing software pipeline has Goal A
    • Manager B, managing hardware pipeline has Goal B

    This way, by looking at goal completion for managers, you actually look at pipeline goal.


    In more complex case:

    • Manager A (responsible for software pipeline) manages Sales Reps X, Y, and Z
    • Manager B (responsible for hardware pipeline) manages Sales Reps 1, 2, and 3

    If you set goals for all the Reps, then you can analyse goal completion of a given team: Manager A's or Manager B's. Goals of all reps are summed up to the Manager level. Reporting allows you to segment goals by a given manager (team). Again, that would represent your pipeline goals. 

    Or is it a different structure?

    Currently we don't actively work on goal improvements, but understanding your use case well, will help us improve how goals work in the future. 


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