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  • Aubree Rose Mia
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Wladimir,

    Our apologies if you've found this confusing. As per this article: Metrics and Attributes for Zendesk Guide, the "Article Votes metric" is the average number of votes for your articles. Votes currently reflect the sum of upvotes and downvotes. 

    On your given example, you have an article that says:
    96 of 393 people found it helpful, which means 96 found the article helpful, while the remaining 297 visitors did not. The sum between 96 (positive) and 297 (negative) is -201. That being said, the Average vote will show as -201. 

    At the moment, I'm afraid, there isn't a way to report on the actual upvotes and downvotes per article, and as per checking with our team, this is something that we are already taking into consideration for our product roadmap.

    For now, you can use our API to list all votes cast by a given user, or all votes cast by all users for a given article, article comment, post, or post comment.

    GET /api/v2/help_center/{locale}/articles/{article_id}/votes

    Your team can export the JSON data and convert it into a CSV file so you can see the actual upvotes and downvotes through a spreadsheet.

    I hope that helps! 



  • Wladimir de Masi, Jr.

    Thank you Aubree Rose Mia
    It is not an ideal solution but the explanation helps.


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