What do you think about the new and improved Admin Center?



  • Karl Löfdahl

    I hate it. Why force me out of the system I'm working in to change settings? Why leave some settings in one place but force me out to make other changes? Why make changes gradually? I suppose you're catering to Suite clients or something, but for me (I use Support, Guide and Explore) it sucks

  • Kate

    Scott Allison What CJ displayed is what we typically experience. It's good to know I can flip the sort, but that is an unintuitive process. 

    I will try to capture the delay we see between creation in Admin Center vs. appearance in Support when I am back in the office tomorrow. 

    However, I am incredibly dissatisfied with the lack of acknowledgement that for many of us, we simply do not want our settings to be segmented out of the Support tool we spend the majority of our time operating in. It is incredibly frustrating to attempt to manage and reference the often-relevant necessary details within the Support instance. 

    Similarly, what is the plan for handling user management? It's an abysmal experience. 

  • Trina Moon

    It would be super helpful that once the Admin Center was opened, it stayed open vs navigating back to Support. For example, if I click to open a view in Support that the support view not open in the tab that the Admin Center was opened in. Now instead of having a tab open to the Admin Center, I have two (or more depending on how many times I've had to open the view) Support tabs open. If I have to make an additional change to the view, I have to open the Admin Center again vs. being able to just click on the open Admin Center tab to make the changes. As you've already heard from several users, it's a pain on how many clicks it takes to open the Admin Center and if you keep navigating away from the Admin Center it makes it all so much worse!

    At this point, I avoid doing anything in the Admin Center when I can. For example, if I need to add a new agent or edit an agent, I do it from Support by clicking on the "+ User" or searching for an existing agent, bypassing the need to ever go into the Admin Center for simple things.

    It seems like you had in mind a grand redesign, but are piecemealing the full solution out which is causing a lot of frustration for your Admin community.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    Hi Rusty Gregory,

    I would expect that what I set at the Brand Level:

    Which sets the sidebar in the instance to the selected color

    To similarly set the sidebar in Admin Center

  • Stephen

    Peter - thanks for that info!

    Another mine thing, I noticed. When you click on your User Profile on the Admin Centre, it doesn't have the option to request Help.

    I think it would be beneficial to have the Help option here as well.

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    I should add, in the "kudos" department -- the "Search Admin Center" and "Recently Viewed" features are nice touches. 

  • Mark Powell


    2. There should only be one Role per person, e.g. Administrator, Light agent. That's what we need to see  in order to be able to manage access.

    Also, it would be quite helpful if it showed their Groups, although I understand this could be a large list, so maybe a hover-over would be good.

    3. Yes, feel free to contact me directly. The idea is essentially: This is the page where we manage access for all agents. For example, in order to be able to understand if we have enough licenses to convert  someone from a light agent to a full agent, we need to be able to see quickly how many seats are remaining. How it is at the moment with (X of X seats used) is perfect at a glance.

  • Mark Powell

    "Favourites" feature would be great as we typically use the same 3-5 areas regularly.
    Also, if the "Recently Viewed" feature could remember your last preference (e.g. expanded or collapsed) that would be helpful too.

  • Sydney Neubauer

    We would also like to chip in:

    1. Within the Roles selection in the Admin Centre - we noticed that you cannot add or remove Agents from the Role in this section. Instead, you have to navigate to "Team Members" to individually look up each Agent to make the change, or you need to bulk edit with a CSV. A CSV may make sense for when you need to change 10 Agents but when you need to add 2, a CSV is way too labour intensive to make that change. So you end up wasting 30 seconds searching, loading, and changing each Agent to the role. Rather than a quick update and save to add to the Role.
    2. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that it takes additional time to load each selection? I navigate to triggers multiple times a day and if it takes 16 seconds every time I click on it, that adds up. The support UI took 6 seconds to load. Is there a way to increase the refresh speed?
    3. We also noticed that you cannot right-click on any of the options to open in a new tab. It would be nice to be able to have mutliple tabs in the Admin Centre AND the ability to at least right click and open the links in browser tabs. Right now you have to duplicate the entire tab then navigate to the section to have multiple tabs open.
    4. We would also like the ability to add a favorite to the options that you visit so you can have quick links
    5. When you examine the Events on a ticket and open the trigger from there, it would be nice if it opened in the Admin Centre
  • Steve Franklin

    Overall I think the interface is now actually harder to use. There seem to be several links that just loop you round different screens. 

    e.g. The task of changing roles for multiple agents means constantly jumping back and forth between Support and Admin centre. - There does not appear to be a way of searching for a particular agent and then editing their roles directly in admin. You need to find the agent in Support, then use the link from there back to the admin page. - Unless of course, I'm missing it. 


  • Carmelo Rigatuso

    I like the look and feel, but there are still come inconsistencies in the UI that make it frustrating to work with. For example, not every save button on all the business rule pages works the same way.


    • The ability to save a trigger I'm working on without being dumped back to the trigger page, and then having to search for the trigger I was working on
    • Same for views, but even worst is that I even if I was in personal views, I get dumped back into the main page, and I have to select personal views again before I can even search for the one I was working on.
    • The automation page is still completely different (no save, but a submit button with options).
    • More could be done to link the fields and forms. it's difficult to see what form a field is on at a glance.
    • Navigating through conditions and form fields is not any better.

    Missing/Lost capabilities:

    • Lost the ability to right-click and open in a new tab. I need to be able to compare triggers, automations, and macros, but it's more difficult to do so now.
    • The agent role in the team members page. I need to know which of my agents is consuming a license and which isn't.
    • Count of current licenses in use on the team members page
    • Critical: Searching by agent and by email address. There's a filter option, which is great, but I can't scroll through pages and pages of agents.
      We also have different sets of agents, from multiple internal divisions to outsourced labour, and being able to just search for the domain and get all agents with that email domain was great.
    • Being able to search and edit end-users and organizations in the same interface. I have to switch back to support to look them up.
    • Adding/Removing a user to/from a/multiple groups from their profile. I know Bob Smith needs to be in group A, B, and C, and removed from D, E, and F. This was easy before with that little modal window that pooped up and I could just click the groups on and off. Now I have to click on Manage team member in Zendesk Support so that it takes me back to support to update the assigned groups. isn't this an admin feature? Shouldn't it be in the admin center?

    Additional Features

    • Would love to see views, macros, and automations get the same categories feature as the triggers have.
    • I like the idea of favourites along with the recents option
    • Search Admin Center would be fantastic is I could search for names of triggers, macros, etc. and display those results directly.
  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    "We will most likely remove the tabs & display all in the same list with a Status column."

    Sudeshna Basu, what is the problem this will solve? 

    The number of triggers shouldn't matter, but in our case we have approximately 1.3k active, and almost 900 inactive triggers (we keep these for audit purposes). Why would we need to see them all bundled together?

    If this really must go forward, then I agree with Dan Ross: "inactive triggers must be filtered out by default."

    And if there are going to be more columns, a probably much needed UI feature would be having content use all the empty space:

  • Shane Monaco

    While I like the changes to the admin center, 2 points of feedback that seem to be a step backward:

    -The admin center is much slower than the old way for admin settings.  Going to areas like tickets and forms takes much longer now.

    -Not able to customize the color of admin center is a step down from the old settings. Being able to do this helped our admin know which environment they were working out of (production vs sandbox).

  • Benjamin Gonzalez

    I generally like the updates, well done!

    My main feedback is that I don't like that it's all in a separate tab now. Not only that, certain actions in the Admin center open yet ANOTHER tab back in Zendesk support (editing a user for example). 

    I would prefer that you just stuff this whole admin center back into the Settings area.

  • Trina Moon

    I waited to start using the new Admin Center until I absolutely had (forced) to. ;)

    The biggest pain point for me is when I'm reviewing ticket events and click on a trigger to see what it is doing and this doesn't open a new tab or browser window. Instead it navigates me away from the ticket to open the Admin Center in the same browser window and now I've lost my ticket. I feel that the Admin Center should open in a new browser window so that you don't lose your ticket.

    I have also found that when adding a new agent I'm routed back to the 'old' UI. What's the point there? It's even more irritating when I'm just updating a current agent. When updating a current agent, I found it easier to not even go to the Admin Center, but to just search for the user and make the change. Why bother to go to the Admin Center just to be routed back to the 'normal' system. It's just crazy to me.

  • Dani

    It seems like things that should live in a new tab don't, and things that should have stayed put open new tabs. 

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Here are a few items we have noticed since the full transition:

    1. When you are in a view to edit, it opens the admin centre in the same window and you can't navigate back to the view you were editing. I tried to right click on edit within the view but it won't let you
    2. When you select a trigger from under events, again it opens in the same window. This is a huge pain point because you have to go back to the zendesk page and locate the ticket again that you were looking at
    3. If you are needing to work on 2 things within admin centre, you can't open multiple windows of the Admin Centre. ie. If you right click on admin centre or just click on admin centre from your profile, it opens it in the same admin centre tab you already had open. So if you need to have multiple Admin Centres open, you have to right click on your existing tab to duplicate.
    4. When you click on the gear icon, why doesn't it send you directly to the Admin Centre? Why is there another link that takes you to the Admin Centre? This requires additional clicks to get there.
    5. If you are working in multiple Zendesk instances, the Admin Centre tab looks the same. It does not mirror the colors of the corresponding Zendesk instance. The only differentiation is the URL which is not obvious at a first glance and not instinctual to look at 
  • Kate

    As a whole, I don't dislike the way Admin Center looks, but as many have mentioned, this being moved into a new tab is a huge workflow breaker for me and my team. 

    Why can't the redesign exist within the existing Admin gear? Moving away from the Support interface when I am regularly both managing settings and investigating issues on tickets is a significant pain. 

    As many others have said as well, loading times seem slower within the new Admin Center interface. 

    The only pro I've found so far is the ability to search for the setting I want, however, this does not outweigh the efficiency loss I've experienced. The admin center as an idea seems to be solving a problem that didn't exist. It would be much, much better to at least have the option whether the Admin Center lives within the Support interface or opens in a new window. 

    It feels like my most used settings have been taken out of the interface I spend the majority of my time working in and siloed into a completely separate part of the product, which overtakes the part of the product I need to reference to update settings, for.... reasons, I guess? 

  • Grant Schuemann

    Many of the recent comments above already capture my sentiments about this change which has lead to an immediate decrease of efficiency, functionality and enjoyment for our organization.  I do love the idea of an Admin Center as a hub for universal settings, but not at the expense of taking settings out of Support.

    Working in Chat and utilizing the Settings panel within Chat only amplifies how damaging this change was (please don't take Chat settings out of Chat next).  Having to navigate out of Support to manage settings that apply exclusively in Support (Views, Automations, Triggers, Macros, etc) simply doesn't make sense from a user experience point a view.  I mentioned in another page that we use Views a lot for audit purposes and having to consistently flip between tabs to adjust and modify is quite a time killer.

    Please strongly consider allowing Support settings to return back to Support.  Would much rather Zendesk release this option internally so we don't have to install an app such as the one Vincent Brendel released above in a previous comment (no offense Vincent, I love that you all have provided us an option!).

  • Trudy Slaght

    Want to add a thank you to Vincent Brendel - SweetHawk for the free app that puts admin settings back in admin. It has removed much of the pain points. 

  • Becky

    The new change is awful!  It's clearly been debuted without a quality check because it's made things miserable for me.

    There's the fact that you can't just go to the macro homepage from the start - which is one of the main things I utilize on a daily basis.  It's now like a multi-step process instead of just 1 step in clicking on 'Macros'!  The fact that you have to go to the admin center, then choose a recently updated macro and then have to choose to go back to the macros homepage to get to the macro you're looking for to edit or to create a new one all together is beyond annoying!

    Additionally, sometimes it takes you completely OUT of my ticket system and then I cannot find your way back!

    The search function doesn't take you to the macros homepage so clearly that's not an option to fix that horrendous change and recently viewed doesn't help either as it's typically not the most recently viewed I need to see.

    According to other complaints, you should not have forced this change on us before having some people try it out and voice our suggestions to make it better or what not to change.

    Fix it!

  • Mike Bombich

    Reiterating what Dani and Kelsa commented on – the "gear" icon in the sidebar currently presents "System Updates" and "Feature Usages". I suppose that's helpful information for somebody, but it's not what I expect to see when I click on a "gear" icon – gear icons are typically used to present interface where you can change settings. I understand the impetus to aggregate a bunch of stuff in the Admin Center, but getting there is really awkward right now. Please have the gear icon load the admin center directly, or perhaps more simply, just add a new icon to the sidebar that will load the admin center. Thanks!


  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi @...

    As this would have broken lots of my documentation, I checked immediately upon seeing your comment.

    If I open a specific trigger, its complete URL is still given in the old admin UI. So, I think the feature is still as it has been, and can be used as such.

    I use links to triggers for instance in deployment procedures, where I ask the deployer to update the current version of a software running on a site after he completed its deployment.

    @Zendesk: May I suggest to add an item to the clone/deactivate/delete triple-point menu, reading "permalink"?

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    FYI: I just tried to add the trigger ID to the new admin UI URL - and it opens the trigger, as it does in the old admin UI.


  • Christine Massone

    We have to search by organization.  We have multiple customers with the same company name.  Not having this ability is going to hinder us.  Right now the only way I see for us to search by company name is at the top in the search field; but then we have to take extra steps to find the company we need.  Not liking this new admin center 


    I see you moved the organizations to their own space.  Just means more clicking but its better than the search field at the top of the site

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi @...

    Yep, that's something that I found, too.

    You should have a new icon in the green left-hand bar,

    That's where you can edit end users at this time.

    There's also an Icon for organizations, which you can configure to be hidden.

    Both of these items are not available in the new admin center - strange. 

    As you can see from my comments, I think this is very much WIP and should be brought forward a bit before it's ready for prime time.

    Yours truly, Peter

  • Lone Admin

    We will most likely remove the tabs & display all in the same list with a Status column.

    Sudeshna Basu

    That brings a sense of dread...

    I have a lot of old attempts at triggers etc that I wouldn't want visible, they are just for reference for things I have tried in the past that didn't work or worked but have now been superseded.

    I wouldn't want them mixed in with my actual working triggers. That would be messy

  • Stephen

    We will most likely remove the tabs & display all in the same list with a Status column.

    LIke Lone Admin, I have a lot of deactivated Triggers that I don't want to necessarily delete - these are from old workflows.

    Moving everything into one list, will be rather messy. Will it be possible to filter out inactive Triggers?

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    We will most likely remove the tabs & display all in the same list with a Status column.

    Agree with the others. This sounds like a horror show unless the default is to have them hidden. I can see some logic to wanting to be able to see them in their original sequence, given how order-sensitive triggers are, but only rarely and only on explicit request.


  • Sudeshna Basu
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you all for sharing your feedback & concerns about the proposal for a combined Active & Inactive list (esp for triggers). We haven't finalized the design yet, so appreciate your inputs. 
    (Lone Admin, Stephen Fleming, Jonathan March, Dan Ross, Pedro Rodrigues, Carmelo Rigatuso)

    What I didn't elaborate in my previous post was that the design direction we've been evaluating involves:

    • A unified list with a Status column to indicate active versus inactive
    • Plus filtering to show active, inactive or both.
    • And as many of you have suggested, having the Default filter option be set to Active.
    The rationale for moving away from tabs is because they are limiting in several ways:
    • They do not allow you to be able to either see or search all objects (active and inactive) in one view.
    • This also makes toggling status of objects clunky (from active to inactive or vice versa) - as they have to move from one tab to another when status is changed and it's often hard to find their new position.



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