Contacts don't sync between Sell and Support


  • This is a huge limitation when using the integration between Sell & Support. The people you service in Support are not always the same people as you sell to with Sell CRM. Currently when someone is not in Sell, you can not see open tickets from their colleagues on the Company level as they don't exist in Sell and aren't matched on the domain level.

    It is a big miss, because you currently do not have a "full" overview of that company in terms of the support you are providing.

    Possible solutions:

    1. Make sure you are able to filter through the domain of that specific company in Support and show these tickets as well.

    2. Make a technical connection that automatically pushes all contact from Support into Sell when it matches a company in Sell CRM. Basically auto-fill contact from Support into Sell. This can become quite messy, very fast.

  • @... could you please edit the name of the head of your post? It says "seel" instead of "sell". Otherwise other people might not find this through a Google search.

  • Anh Le

    We serve our players and business partner via Support and would like to import the business contact from Support to Sell.


  • Testbusters

    This is a big issues for our company:

    • Support and Sell contacts don't sync: the worse is that if you manually edit a contact in sell or support the changes are not visible in the other app, it keeps the old data
    • The very big, big issue is that in sell you have first name and last name separate fields, which is good, but the support app has only one field for first and last name. So, you can't use something like zapier or a custom integration because you cannot separate the first from the last name. Without this limitation you could build an effective custom integration. I have connected Mailchimp, woocommerce, Wordpress, Contact forms and other apps with zendesk but I'm stucked and I don't know how to manage it.

    I think that Zendesk didn't consider the case in which a company has the same team for support and sales.

    I'm really surprised that there is only this post on the community about this issue, keeping data in sync between multiple apps is the most important thing.

  • Nick Wurm


  • J.S. Catier - OFFICERS

    I still do not understand why there is no data sync between Support and Sell contacts databases.

    The Salesforce integration with Support is a clear example, developed by Zendesk, of how it should work and look like. 

    One answer given by the head of product was that the data model of leads and contacts did not fit the Support Data Model. But a proper integration should be able to manage that.

    I join The Sales Studio (EMEA Reseller USD) : this is a huge stop when trying to sell or position Zendesk Sell vs. the competition. The link with Support is a huge and unexploited leverage that require this database synchronization.

  • Gabriel Rubia

    We have an automated solution for that. It fetches the data from Sell and displays it in the ticket in Support. It allows further automation like changing the ticket priority based on the last contact or any other details available.

    The app should be available on the marketplace in the next weeks. At the moment it's already possible to use the solution via API. For that, please contact us via and we can assist you.

  • Ben Sutter

    This should be enabled by default so that contact records are unified and can give a view of all contact points for each customer.


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