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  • Marie-Cathrine
    Community Moderator

    Hi Emil,

    The equivalent to "Date (event)" from Insights is to be found in the Ticket updates dataset in Explore. Here you have an attribute collection called "Time - Ticket update" that contains different time attributes. The one called "Update - Date" would be the same as "Date (event)".

    #helpsome regards,
    Marie-Cathrine Sørensen
    Developer @ helphouse.io

  • Emil Nurutdinov

    Hello Marie-Cathrine,
    Thank you for your advice! However, the thing is that now I'm using "Ticket - Last update - Date" filter. As far as I cannot find any filter called just "Update date". Is it possible that the so called " my database of the filters" doesn't contain this filter.

    Because the issue is that when I use the "Ticket last update" filter - some of the tickets disappear from the final results.
    Example: the ticket was created on 01/01. We have answered it on 02/01. So when I try to receive a report for 01/01 and put the filter "Ticket last updated - date" - this ticket is not included as far as it was last updated on 02/01.

    Moreover, could you please also clarify if there any metric that helps to count the reply time exactly at the certain day (in the same way as in "First reply time").
    Example: the ticket was created on 01/01 and we answered it after 1 hour. After some time (on 02/01) we received a new reply in this ticket and answered it after 8 hours. So when I prepare the report for the 01/01 I need to use some metric that could show the reply time exactly at this day (not for the whole history of the ticket)?

    Many thanks in advance!

  • sphen

    @... - Two things to check:

    - make sure you are searching "Update - Date" and not "Update date". 

    - make sure you are using the Ticket Updates dataset. Update - Date is only available in Ticket Updates dataset, not in Tickets. Ticket Updates is where you can get the comment-specific data you are looking for. So if you are using Update - Date while looking at the "Agent comments" metric, you'll see the exact reply time. 

  • Emil Nurutdinov

    Hi Stephen,
    Thank you so much! It was exactly what I needed. Could you please also give me one more advice - I've tried to add filter to the dashboard, so I could range the date without going to "Editing" mode. If I use time filter (Ticket update - date) - the report shows incorrect results. But when I have tried to add data filter (Update - date), which is probably more correct - there's no convenient navigation (Calendar format), also there is no opportunity to use any date ranges. Is there any possibility to add them?

    Thank you so much!

  • sphen

    No problem @... :) 

    For your dashboard filter, you do want to use Time Filter, not Data. Let's make sure you're seeing the right attribute though. When you're selecting from the list of Time attributes, do you see "Support: Ticket updates [default/datasetname] - Update"? I believe that's the one for Update - Date. Also this might not appear in your filter's list of attributes until after you add your query using that dataset to the dashboard tab. 

    If you're confident that's what you're already using, then it might be best to submit a ticket with Support to dig into those incorrect results. 


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