Jira + Zendesk integration support for attachments and text formatting


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    Sean Bourke
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Morris Tao,

    Thank you for your feedback, I've captured this for future consideration.

  • Pippa

    Also for the attachments, it would be great that when we click on "create issue" and get the screen pop up to enter the information to be able to attach from their a video or screenshot.

    Or in the description box again once clicked on "create issue", in that field to be able to paste pictures.

    Currently if a support member in zendesk needs to create a ticket in Jira, then like to do a summary of the issue by writing up each reproduced step of a bug with supporting screenshots, so would be useful if they could write that up on the description field after clicking on "create issue"

  • Darren Hua

    Ill also be interested in following the development of this post as well. 

  • Frank Spildener

    @... Messages written to Zendesk in Jira via the "Zendesk Support" tab can be formatted. Specifically, we found out that we can quote "text" with "> text".

    Are there more formatting options, yet?

  • Sean Bourke
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Frank Spildener,

    Thanks for sharing this. You are correct - the comment submitted from Jira to Zendesk will inherit any of the Zendesk Markdown formatting, however these have to be added manually as there is no WYSIWYG editor. This means that you can add links, headings, etc. as part of the response from Jira.

    Please note that the same markdown is in many circumstances not reflected in the associated Jira comment.

  • Frank Spildener

    Thank you @... :-) 

  • Elizabeth Toy
    +1 for the formatting, images, attachments, etc. making it into Jira when creating an issue from the Jira app.
    as a result of this, our team either has to commit to memory the Jira formatting syntax and manually find and update the text that's pulled into the module, or we have to remember to follow up in the newly created Jira card to use the WYSIWYG to update formatting, add images, etc. either way, extra steps that we have to remember to do and then actually do.
    it appears that there've been some improvements since some of the prior comments, because I do see that formatting such as bold text, blockquotes, etc. is correctly set from ZD➤Jira. however, one of what I'd consider the more "basic" formatting types—hyperlinked text—is getting "stripped" to plain text from ZD➤Jira. It would be great if the formatting that Jira has available for links were also used/added like the app currently does for the other types of formatting.

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