Automatic Refresh in Views

Not planned


  • mws

    Well, the day has finally come. I'm so excited to share that we're finally off of Zendesk. Moved to Helpscout earlier this month and it's been such a breath of fresh air. The point here isn't to promote HS, though.

    Our whole support team is so glad we don't have to deal with the following issues any more (and, is very regretful we didn't make this change sooner) :


    - This issue: The ticket views not automatically refreshing (seriously, how is this acceptable? It's 2023) No, a browser extension isn't an acceptable answer. 

    - Insane struggles with browser performance and autocorrect not working. 

    - Horrible/painful handling of CCs in tickets where multiple emails need to be Ccd in.

    - Thoughtless handling of primary/secondary/multiple emails for a single contact. Basically, you can't give a contact multiple emails, you have to create a separate contact for each email they'd like to be notified at. Ridiculous.

    In the years we've been with Zendesk, no new features have been added; and if anything, features have been "broken"/degraded. Zendesk is the most basic solution for ticket management, and cares not one bit about listening to their users. I hope to see even more solutions recognize this, listen to what their users need, and build more alternatives that make sense instead of using Zendesk. 


    I've been waiting for this day to be able to unsubscribe to this thread. Best of luck to all of you, and hope you find an alternative that works for you.

  • Daniel H

    This extension is currently working as of today 


  • Will Martin

    Daniel H

    This one is maintained by me. There are some reports of it not working for some users, but I'm not sure why.

    Please let me know if it ever stops working for you, and I'll create a fix.

  • Daniel H

    Thank you Will, much appreciated!! 

  • Anam Zarif

    Any updates on this as it does affect the way zendesk is used. We did expect this to be a standard feature integrated however we have been using a chrome extension which now does not seem to work and is affecting workloads and SLAs for the team. One of the reasons why we joined zendesk was the auto refresh

  • Neil Robb

    Extremely keen for View auto refresh to be implemented ASAP

  • Zendesk Team Illation

    Adding my vote to this

  • Marc Rawlins

    Yes this would be helpful.. add my vote

  • Can't believe that such a needed and easy feature takes you more than 2 years to consider.

  • Rebecca Weifenbach

    Are we able to get an update on this? It seems to be a must-have for many clients. 

    Thank you!

  • Wade Kunnas

    OK so we are well over 2 years in to this request and I see that it has not been added yet. With the comments about the Chrome add on not working properly I am not willing to request my company to add this Software to our accepted list of applications. When will this feature be added?

  • John Polanek

    We just recently enabled omnichannel routing on our account, which auto-assigns tickets to agents. Even with this, the agents need to constantly refresh the view to see the tickets they are assigned. This defeats the purpose of routing tickets. Refresh should be the default for all account levels. With a support team like ours, that does not often have a backlog of tickets, they need to refresh to see all new content. Zendesk, please make this a priority, as this is a much-needed feature for all. 

  • Wayland Magee

    Zendesk - Please comment on this request and provide an update on your progress on this.  We need the ability for views to be auto-refreshed.  This is already available in other products like Freshservice.  This needs to be prioritized and become a standard feature in Zendesk.


    Very basic feature, should be implemented ASAP.

    Please don't let it continue sitting just as a request for many more years to come. This is better described as a bug report than a feature request.

  • Karl Maamets

    The strongest department in Zendesk must be sales, cause the product itself doesn't seem to be getting that much attention, given that this is still a major problem that most other competitors have long since solved.

  • Ali Brubaker

    Hi @Salvador Vazquez

    Thanks for the update. Can you specify for us which use cases from this thread will be resolved with the new dashboard? 

    Kind regards,

  • Karl Maamets

    "not planned" ...... my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    Imagine if you had to physically refresh your gmail inbox or facebook messenger to actually know if someone wrote you something.

  • Keith Warno

    This is a no-brainer.

    The word "View" itself implies that users are there VIEWING the data -- and this data is about tickets that are in a state of rapid flux (assuming the Support team is quick and efficient and clients are attentive, as in our case).  Right now if my team wants to know when a ticket changes in the instant it happens, we have to set up notifications via Slack -- and in our views that we stare at for the bulk of the day -- we have to MANUALLY refresh?  In 2023?  It's shocking that autofresh is absent.

    My team is actually moving away from ZenDesk after more than a decade with it, for a multitude of reasons primarily to align with the solution that other products in the organization are using.  It's been mostly a pleasant experience and I regret that we won't ever see a solution to this autofresh deficiency.  Cheers.

  • Debra Garzolini

    Disappointed in the latest update that Zendesk will not be adding this feature.

    Has there been any reason announced for deciding to not add the feature?  Is there a benefit?


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