Allow admins to delete satisfaction ratings


  • Temiloluwa Paul

    Indeed this has been an issue. I manage a team of customer support specialists and they have raised this issue several times.

    There should be a possibility to delete a bad CSAT that is not merited by the support specialist.

    Is there already a way around this? How can we delete a bad CSAT and remove the effect from agents report?

  • Dave Tomlinson

    This is a definite issue since CSAT ratings are often used when evaluating how an Agent is performing.  Other case tracking I've used di allow Admins to adjust ratings in situations where the customer miss-clicked.   Zendesk should have some sort of avenue for Admins to take with this.

  • elopage GmbH

    I support this request as it is very annoying for agents doing a good job having a false negative rating when the customer clicked wrong or did not read the answer or rate the company if there is a feature missing but not rating the answer of the agent.
    Especially if you use the CSAT as KPI and measure the performance this is not good.

    So let's not only care for customers satisfaction but also for agents satisfaction.

  • John Certo

    This would be very helpful!

  • Cheryl

    I agree. We receive bad ratings from users who close the issue before an agent can respond, then remark that they have not been answered. I've set up a condition in the CSat automation to stop this, but I'd like to delete the previous negative ratings before I caught the issue.

  • Jordan Crawford

    Wholeheartedly agree. Other systems I have used managers could use their discretion to exempt unfair ratings that had nothing to do with the agent. It's unfair for agents to see scores that have nothing to do with how they handled the issue and we can't do anything about it.

  • Rachel DeHoyos

    I'd like to request this feature as well.  I had a customer choose a negative rating on accident, and it's totally skewing one of our support engineer's ratings.  There isn't an easy or good way to get rid of this erroneous rating.  It feels like an admin should just be able to delete it?

  • Jay T Proffitt

    I'd like to request this feature as well.  We have lots of spam-like emails and these get ratings from dissatisfied requesters, but these should have no bearing on the agent.   It feels like an admin should just be able to delete it?

  • Elizabeth Sciacca

    I echo these sentiments.  We receive quite a few spam chats; and there are instances where the agent provides excellent service, but the customer is dissatisfied with something completely out of the agent's control. These instances should not count against my team.


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