Allow admins to delete satisfaction ratings

Not planned


  • Michael Kyriakou

    We need this as well

    Adding another idea below

    Trigger - > Admin Center
    Agent Marked the chat with Category X 
    Action: Remove Satisfaction rating.

    This will benefit my QA team as well and in general Csat. 

  • Joe Anderson-McAulay

    I am certified in NPS and have implemented NPS and CSTAT for several companies.   Zendesk actually should have this on the road map for Q4 22. Its about what's called (closing the loop) and these scores directly effect any business who uses them to merit, raises, performance, and overall KPI. 

  • Anne Susalski

    We'd like to control this as well, it's demoralizing.

  • Larry Click

    We also need this.  Abusive and sexually charged language on comments should be able to be deleted. Leaving the rating is OK with me, but no need to have the comment hanging around forever if it is like that. 

  • Alex Ramirez

    Any update on this?

  • Steve Eli

    Scott Allison or Scott Allison

    Thanks for the recognition of my post and acknowledgement of this request, but I know i speak for others in this thread that we would urge Zendesk to prioritize this request. Sure in Zendesk, we can hide specific surveys from the reporting in Explore, but we can't delete the rating or the feedback received which is what I thought was the request here. Too many times has our staff been rated on a survey and when we reach out to the customer about their feedback, they tell us that they thought they were rating another company, even though our survey email to them clearly states our company and product name.

    We shouldn't need to make a exception for the ratings as my workaround post provided, or an automation like Michael Kyriakou stated. We should have the ability to control or adjust the satisfaction ratings or responses like Larry Click requested and not penalize the hard working team members for them to see demoralizing feedback every time they return to the ticket they worked hard to create. I know opening up such a feature would introduce the ability to skew the responses and ratings of the customer, but if the customers responses were not accurate, or were abusive, why should those ratings and responses be something we have to live with forever?

    Yes we might be able to use another companies product to achieve changes to surveys, but we shouldn't have to.


  • Orin

    To add the Tag workaround, how can I have only the admin have access to add a Tag to a ticket?  As I only have the option for all agents and not able limited to a certain role.   

  • Joe Anderson-McAulay

    Question for Scott Allison


    For tickets that are marked unsatisfied, and are not relevant to what actually the customer is stating. If we simply delete the ticket from Zendesk will this reflect the updated % on the canned reports in(Analytics)

  • Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Joe Anderson-McAulay Yes, if you delete the ticket then the data should also be removed from Explore. More in this Help Center article about deleting tickets

  • Joe Anderson-McAulay

    Steve Eli


    How long does it take to see the tag that was added and be able to filter it on the report you suggested? I just added a tag to specific tickets and I cannot see this tag yet in the report? I was thinking it should probably take an hour correct?

  • Jake Warren

    Just adding another vote for this feature. 

  • Paul Hessing

    We absolutely need this! Some of the bad ratings that are left for our agents are unwarranted and should absolutely be removed.


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