Support Needs BCC Option


  • Hey @... and Zendesk team ...

    It's been a while since there was an official public comment from Zendesk ...

    Any updates about this?


  • Pablo Garzon

    BCC is a must in all CRM. There are communication that you need to keep it hidden in a handy and easy way. We need these urgently please!

  • Jon Schlueter

    +1, this feature is definitely needed for our organization.  Please get this into your product roadmap.

  • Caroline Martinez

    Hi ZD Team, 

    The BBC function is necessary for our Support team! We have so many cases that require hiding admin's email addresses to avoid agents reaching out to them directly. It would also help hide employee email addresses that need to be notified without sharing in CC their contact information. Please consider adding this essential email feature.

    Thank you 

  • Thomas Lang

    Agreed. This functionality is needed

  • Thomas Lang

    Has anyone found a good work around for this?

    I want to be able to send multiple quotes to vendors at the same time, without sharing info between them. I do not want multiple tickets, I want one, but to be able to send to several people at once.



  • Sierra (light agent)

    We need to BCC Trustpilot on all our review request emails. We are currently forced to have our agents do this separately through their work Outlook account. This wastes time and also disrupts our agents privacy by providing customers a way to contact agents directly.

    This is a basic feature and I am disappointed to find out it's not a part of zendesk

  • Admin IT Contact Center

    Hi Zendesk,

    We join this request to add a BCC function in ticket comments.

    This functionality would be a tremendous benefit for all organizations and customers.


    IT - Santalucia Servicios Compartidos

  • Kiana Rideaux

    I switched over from Help Scout and BCC was available there and super helpful to loop in account leaders when their members reached out to us directly! Hopefully this functionality can be added eventually.

  • Greg Clapp

    We're a large organization, and our internal stakeholders are clamoring this feature, so that's about a dozen more votes in favor. Seems absurd that it's not there.

  • Tim Woodruff

    How is this not a feature? Between the lack of ability to forward emails and BCC, Zendesk is failing at the basic functions of email communication. 

  • Benjamin Kirsch
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey all, thanks for engaging on this thread and providing feedback on this product area. We have logged this feedback for our backlog but do not currently have plans to implement this into our roadmap as we are focused on features to surface outbound email bounce information and the ability for customers to connect their email servers directly to their Support Instance. We will continue to leave this thread open for community comments for more use cases and if anything changes in the future on our end we will update as soon as possible. We understand this may be frustrating for folks but hope transparency is helpful in your understanding. Thank you again for providing your feedback to us!


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