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    Matt Bagnara
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Folks,

    Matt here from the Zendesk Product team. I’m pleased to say that we’re now looking for customers to give feedback and help us test out a beta solution we've been working on to the issue flagged here. If you are interested, please add a comment below this one and we’ll be in touch. Thank you!

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    It would be great to allow for channels like email to be able to create tickets under a null organization until one is explicitly set by a user.

    Expanding on this, allowing an end user to select their default organization would be helpful.  Since a customer can change the organization on a ticket anyway, it makes sense that they should be able to set their default as well.  

    This could break many workflows that rely on organization fields and such, so I think it would have to be an option that could be enabled on the account level. 

  • elzbieta.petryka

    Please disable default Org future.

    It is a nightmare to correct the data after ZenDesk associates a ticket with wrong Organization.

    What if the ticket contains sensitive information and Zendesk decides to share it with completely different ORG?

  • James Hanley
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey folks,

    James here from the Zendesk product team.

    Happy to say this one is on our backlog - we're looking at an experience that when multiple orgs is enabled, an additional setting will be available to disable the automatic assignment of tickets to the user's default org, if a user is a member of multiple orgs.

    Hoping this will address some of the core issues here - however if that's not going to get it done, please let us know!


  • Richard Harris

    What you have described James would be exactly what we need.

    My only add request is can the org field be searchable, rather than pure drop down where i need to scroll down the list, you can type the org to find it (like the requester field or custom drop down)

    We have some users that belong to 100+ orgs so to be able to type the org would be useful. 


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