How can I notify managers when the number of New and Open tickets exceeds a certain threshold?


  • Alissa Wilczynski

    I should also be specific - my problem is in finding a way for Zendesk to count the number of tickets in a certain status and use that in the trigger. It's clearly possible in Explore, but I can't trigger off those values AFAIK.

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Alissa –

    While it's not possible to do exactly what you're asking in Zendesk natively (there's no way to set such a threshold in triggers, for example), Chandra Robrock, one of our Community Moderators, published a method of using Zapier and Slack to create such alerts: How To Create a Slack Notification When a Ticket View Reaches a Specific Threshold

    It is possible to have a widget in an Explore dashboard change color when a metric reaches a certain threshold, however: Adding alert thresholds to Explore live data widgets

    I hope that helps!


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